Delicious meat:

The work is always in a full swing in our kitchen! Everyone here is on fire when it comes to cooking.

The best cooks all over the world are gathered here together to create something really special to impress you deeply. The latest in cooking fashion, best recipes and fresh goods, this is the formula of our success.


Choose from a wide variety of classic and original recipes, that are ideal for the beginning of the meal.

For those who zealously cares about the figure, or just want to freshen up, we offer a range of delicious salads. In our fast-food establishments you'll find a warm and friendly atmosphere, sincere smiles of staff.

Grill menu:

Our chefs are ready to offer you the freshest dishe cooked on open fire. By the way, many side dishes.

We are not only a school for those, whose dream is to become a chef, but also a restaurant, where our students will feast our guests with something amazingly tasty. New potatoes fried with yster, mushrooms, onions and fragrant garlic.


Our chef is a winner of many prestigious awards and winner of international competitions. She regularly conducts master classes for our guests and dishes prepared by our chef are beloved of all our customers. All of our dishes are gastronomic, created by the principle of interesting and complex combinations of ingredients.

Since March, our company launched a one-year program on reforming its restaurants. First and foremost changes affected the menu.

We always try to be at the center of the most important events for youth and participate in exhibitions, concerts, expositions, markets - we are where interesting.

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With the company I work for the past five years. I think that this is an indicator not only of my stability, and water delivery company. I order the water to the office, and there may be a sudden end not only of the water, and cups.